Simple Tips For Better Showings On Your West Knoxville Home For Sale

imagesShowings are an essential part of selling your West Knoxville home. Here are some simple tips for better showings on your West Knoxville home for sale.

1. Keep your West Knoxville home clean. While it can be hard to keep your home clean every hour of every day, that is what has to be done when you’re in the process of selling your West Knoxville home. You never know when a last minute showing is going to schedule, so it is important that you have your home showing ready at all times. That way, if you get booked for a last minute showing, you’re not frantically trying to run home to clean up.

2. Keep phantom smells under control. A bad smelling home can deter buyers from wanting to buy a home. Would you want a house that smells like wet dog or is musty like grandma’s house? Getting your carpet cleaned can help kill residual odors. It can also be helpful to run the vacuum once a week as well. Also, be sure to take out trash and keep your garbage disposal clean.

3. Keep your yard tidy. This can be particularly true during summer months where summer humidity and rain can cause grass and weeds to grow at alarming rates. If you don’t have the time to keep your West Knoxville yard tidy, consider hiring a lawn service for the summer.

4. Depersonalize your home. It may feel odd to take down family photos or personal items in your West Knoxville home. But, it can be very helpful in helping sell your West Knoxville home fast. Buyers want to be able to see themselves in a home and a blank canvas can help them do that.

5. Set the stage for West Knoxville home showings. If at all possible, make some last minute arrangements for home showings. Remove pets from your home. Put on some nice background music. Bake some cookies to make your home smell delicious.

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