8 Excellent Tips To Help Organize Your West Knoxville Home

245846499_bdeadabf9e_oOrganizing your West Knoxville home isn’t always easy. Here are 8 excellent tips to help organize your West Knoxville home.

1. Day to day clutter in your West Knoxville home can be difficult to contain when you let it pile up. Instead of letting your clutter take over your home, designate an area to contain it and don’t let it overtake any more than its designated space. Pick a drawer or a shelf and designate it as your junk drawer or shelf.  Storage bins can help keep things organized and easy to find.

2. Are you struggling to find enough drawer space in a specific area of your West Knoxville home? If so, you can double your drawer space with two-tier drawer organizers.

3. Mail is a common source of clutter. It can help to change up your mail routine. When you go check you mail, immediately take care of sorting it. Throw out junk mail, put bills in a letter sorter, and mark any important events on your calendar.

4. Spray bottle can easily get lost under a sink or be cluttered on a shelf. To organize them, put a tension rod under a cabinet and hang any bottles from it. It’ll make finding cleaning supplies much easier.

5. If you kitchen pantry is a mess, invest in clear, stackable storage containers. Not only will it keep the clutter under control, it will give you more space and make finding what you need much easier.

6. Stacks of sheets can eat up space in closets. Learn how to fold sheets, they’re small enough to fit into a pillow case and easy to stack into any linen closet.

7. The best way to keep your West Knoxville home clean is to set yourself up for success from the beginning. For example, get a caddy or a bucket for cleaning supplies so when you’re cleaning all your supplies are in one place.

8. If you struggle to get rid of things on a regular basis, keep a bin or garbage bag going for clothes that you intend to donate. If you have a designated spot to put them, it makes getting rid of old clothes much easier.

What tips and tricks do you have to organize your Knoxville home?