West Knoxville Homes For Sale – 3 Pricing Mistakes Every Seller Makes

house short saleWhen it comes to selling your West Knoxville home, price is a very big determination in how quickly your home will sell. If the price isn’t right on a West Knoxville home for sale, it will not sell, it is as simple as that. Here are 3 pricing mistakes every seller makes and why they matter when selling your West Knoxville home.

Overpricing From The Start

Many sellers are guilty of overpricing their West Knoxville from the very start. This is a very common and easy mistake for West Knoxville sellers to make. As a seller, you take pride in your home, so it can be very easy to have your emotions take the best of you when it comes to pricing your home. Unfortunately, your home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. Overpricing your home can cause many West Knoxville buyers to skip over your home. In order to sell your home in the shortest amount of time possible and for the best price, it is helpful to see what homes are selling for in your area. A West Knoxville real estate agent can help provide you with the information to find a fair price for your home.

Refusing To Hear A Professional Opinion

When you sell your West Knoxville home for sale, it is ultimately you who decides the listing price of your home. Still, an experienced West Knoxville real estate agent is there to offer you assistance in pricing your home. It is their job to now the West Knoxville market, so be sure to listen to what they have to say. An agent will be able to show you what is for sale in your area and what has recently sold in your area, with that, he or she can help you determine a price for your West Knoxville home.

Pricing Your Home Wrong For Online Searches

A vast majority of West Knoxville buyers will start their home search online, which is why it is so important that your asking price should be curtailed to those searching online. When buyers search online, entering their price range is one of the first search parameters buyers enter. If a buyer is searching for homes between $150,000 and $175,000 and your home is priced at $177,000, you could potentially be leaving our a whole slew of buyers who are searching up to $175,000. In addition, it can be important to not get to creative with your price. Listing a home at $155,550 is really no different than pricing it at $155,500. Pricing that is too creative can be distracting to buyers and can cause buyers to wonder why our home is priced a certain way.

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