How To Do A Final Walk Through Of Your Farragut Home

A final walk through is done before closing on a Farragut home for sale. A final walk through gives a buyer the chance to have one last look at the Farragut home prior to closing, to ensure everything is left as it was discussed in the contract. So, what should should you look for in the final walk through of your Farragut home for sale?

First, in a final walk through, it is important to look for any new damage in the Farragut home. It has probably been awhile since you’ve been in the home, and in that time the sellers have moved out of the home. Are there any significant changes to the homes condition? Tears in carpeting? Large scrapes on the wall? If there are any significant changes to the home, the final walk through gives you one last chance to do anything about it prior to closing.

During the final walk through, it is is also important to look to make sure all items that were negotiated in the contract are still in the home. Are all appliances still in the home? Were any other items to be left, like drapes? Also, be sure that the seller completed any tasks that were requested in the contract, like cleaning carpets or removing certain items.

Finally, be sure to look over the whole Farragut home in your final walk through. Don’t forget to check the basement, garage, and any closets. A final walk through also gives you an opportunity to give the house a thorough once over. If there is anything your notice that you have question about, closing will give you the opportunity to ask the seller about it.

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