West Knoxville Homes For Sale – Why Do Some Deals Fall Apart?

Adobe Spark(1)After looking at countless West Knoxville homes for sale, you’ve finally found the perfect one. It can feel like you’ve finally reached the finish line.

Unfortunately, for some real estate transactions, there are a few reasons that real estate transactions fall apart after an offer has been accepted. A real estate transaction is never done until you reach closing.

Here are a few common reasons deals fall apart.

The Appraisal Comes In Too Low

An appraisal can come in too low on a West Knoxville home for a few reasons including:

  • multiple offers that cause the price to be artificially inflated,
  • overpricing by the seller,
  • low comparables,
  • or an inexperienced appraiser.

When an appraisal comes in too low, there are a few options:

  • The seller can lower the price of the home.
  • The buyer can make up the difference in cash, if they have the funds for a larger down payment.
  • Or, another appraisal can be ordered in hopes that the next appraisal will come in higher.

If none of these options work, the deal will fall apart, as there are many times where the buyer and seller can’t come to some sort of agreement.

The Buyer Is Unable To Obtain Financing

Financing is an essential part of buying a Knoxville home.

Unless the buyer is a cash buyer, without the proper funds to close, the sale is doomed from the beginning.

Unfortunately, even a pre-qualified buyer can have issues securing financing at the last minute, especially with mortgage underwriting procedures still being very strict.

As a  buyer, it can be essential to avoid doing things that can get you denied for a mortgage. Things that can hurt your ability to buy a home include applying for additional lines of credit, quitting your job, or missing payments.

If the buyer cannot receive financing from one lender, they are always able to try going to another lender.

The Home Inspection Reveals Issues

One large reason that many West Knoxville home buyers will walk is due to a bad home inspection.

A home inspection can reveal a whole slew of issues about a home, and if the seller is unwilling to pay for repairs, many buyers will walk away from the transaction.

Whether big or small, home inspection issues can generally be worked out if both parties are willing to cooperate. If not, either side can walk away from the transaction.

The Close Date Keeps Getting Pushed Back

There are many reasons a closing on a home can get pushed back. Perhaps, the buyer’s lender is taking longer than expected to approve the loan. Or, perhaps, the buyer is still waiting to close on the sale of their home.

Whatever the reason, if the close date keeps getting extended one party may decide to walk away from the transaction.

Generally, both sides will want to see the deal through, with time and money already invested. It is just important that all parties are informed.

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