4 Unexpected Expenses Of Buying A Knoxville New Construction Home

There are many perks to buying a Knoxville new construction home. You can pick the layout and customize every detail of the home. Plus, it can be great knowing that you’re the first owner of a home.

Still, new construction homes can come with some unexpected expenses. Here are 4 unexpected expenses of buying a Knoxville new construction home.


Blinds are often item buyers forget about when they buy a Knoxville new construction home. This is one item that buyers often forget about until they move in and realize they have nothing covering their windows.

Blinds, unfortunately, can be an expensive item to buy, especially when you’re covering ever window in the house. Unless you’re planning on hanging them yourself, you’ll also need to worry about the cost of installing blinds, which can be an expensive charge as well.

The good news, though, is that blinds do last if you buy decent ones. While it may be a large expense upfront, it’s a worthy cost because you probably won’t need to replace them for awhile.

Appliances And Fixtures

Depending on your builder, there are probably some standard appliances and fixtures that come in your home. Typically, your kitchen appliances are included (but be sure to double check). If you decide to upgrade your appliances, you can expect to pay an additional fee. Other appliances, though, will not be included, like a washer and dryer.

In addition, your home may just come with standard light fixtures. So, if you want to replace the light fixture in your dining room or in the kitchen, you can expect to be the one to do the work and the one to pay the bill. Ceiling fans are another item that aren’t often included in Knoxville new construction homes.


Landscaping is another item that you may forget that can be an additional expense of buying a Knoxville new construction home. While the builder may provide a bit of landscaping and seed for grass or put down sod, it will be your responsibility to do the majority of the landscaping

Oftentimes, builders will just put down simple landscaping in the front. Many buyers will decide to improve their home’s landscaping once they move in, since usually what is put down is very simple and minimal. In addition, you may have to spend the money on improving your grass. While you yard may be seeded, oftentimes grass doesn’t immediately come in well in new construction homes.


Finally, utilities are another expense you may not play for when you buy a Knoxville new construction home.  Depending on where you’re moving from, the overall cost of utilities may be more in your new home if you’ve increased your square footage or if there are new utility providers.

Utilities are probably one item that you’re not considering there to be a change for. Even if the home is energy efficient, changes in using gas vs. electric or increases in square footage can cause for there to be major changes in your utility bills. Also, if your home has an irrigation system, you may see an increase in your water bill as well.

Just be sure that you know if you’re getting a bigger home, the costs of keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer can be different. Also, there may be different charges for setting up your utilities if you’re changing utility companies.

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