Why It Pays To Be Part Of A West Knoxville HOA

When you’re part of a West Knoxville HOA, you’re required to pay dues to be part of the association. In exchange for your dues, you get to take advantage of some of the amenities and the benefits as a member of the homeowner’s association.

For some buyers, you may wonder if the cost of a being part of a homeowner’s association. In this post, we’ll cover why it pays to be part of a West Knoxville HOA.

Keep Your Sloppy Neighbors In Check

One of the most important reasons it pays to be a part of a West Knoxville HOA is to help keep your sloppy neighbors in check. Every HOA has a set of standards for rules in the neighborhood. It is outlined in the Covenants and Restrictions or the HOA Bylaws. If people do not abide by the rules, they can be fined. This is a very easy way to keep people motivated to keep their home looking a certain way.

Many HOA rules address the following issues:

  • Yard maintenance
  • Parking boats in the driveway
  • Parking trailers in the driveway
  • Maintaining your home’s appearance
  • What pets you’re allowed to have

These are just a few of the issues that are often addressed by an HOA. Some can be more lenient, while others can be more strict. But, when you have a standard set of rules for how the neighborhood should be maintained, it can help keep the neighborhood looking nice and keep property values up.

Maintains Property Values

In addition, West Knoxville HOAs help keeps property values up. Even if you’re planning on living in a home for a long time, it can help to know that property values will remain. Generally speaking, being part of an HOA can help protect your home’s value, making your home a smarter investment.

The main reason why homes maintain their value better in the HOA is due to the standards set forth by the restrictions.  When homes are required to maintain their appearance, they tend to sell for a better price. It also helps when the home comes with amentities that make them more appealing to buy.

Keeps The Neighborhood Looking Nice

When you’re part of a West Knoxville HOA, you can rest better knowing that the common areas of your neighborhood will be taken care of. Your HOA dues will help ensure that the front entrance and the other areas of your neighborhood are well maintained.

Depending on your HOA, there may be other areas of your neighborhood that are maintained as part of the HOA. Things like your pool, clubhouse, or boat dock may also be maintained as part of your HOA. This can help your overall neighborhood look nice.

Some Come With Nice Amenities

Finally, some West Knoxville HOAs come with great amenities.  There are many different West Knoxville neighborhoods that come with great amenities, thanks to their HOA. Some HOAs include amenities like maintenance free living, community pools, community clubhouses, basketball courts, and community boat docks.

There are a lot of different neighborhoods that come with varying amenities. These amenities are often a perk of being part of an HOA. With the added income from the HOA, these neighborhoods are able to provide great amenities for their residents. These amenities can also be a helpful selling point. Many buyers will try to find a neighborhood that comes with these added perks.

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