The Art Of Pricing Your West Knoxville Home To Sell

When you sell your Knoxville home, you want to sell it fast and for the most about of money possible.

You’re not alone in wanting this, since this is what most sellers want, too.

When you price your West Knoxville home right, not only will it sell fast, there will also be buyers lining up to make a bid, especially in this seller’s market.

So, how do you make this happen?

In this post, we’ll look at the art of pricing your West Knoxville home to sell.

First And Foremost: Get A Professional Opinion

If you needed to have your appendix out, you’d get a professional to do it. You wouldn’t want just any doctor preforming surgery on you and end up risking your life if they don’t know what their doing.

So, when it comes to selling your home, a realtor is the person to talk to about price. Realtors spend their time immersed in the market, so they’re always the best person to talk to about selling your home. A realtor can look at what has sold in the area and help offer a suggestion on price for your home.

A fair word of warning on this, though, many sellers will take what their realtor suggests with a grain of salt. Sellers will often think they know more about selling their home than a realtor. Sometimes, they will hear a realtor’s suggestion on price and think it’s totally wrong.

This is a mistake often made by sellers. Just keep in mind, a home will only sell for what a buyer is willing to pay for it. If it’s overpriced in comparison to the rest of the homes on the market, then a buyer isn’t going to be willing to pay full price for it.

So, why should you trust a realtor’s price? Realtors will take a look at what has recently sold in the area as well as what is currently listed. Then, based on what your home may or may not have, they can make a recommendation of what is a fair price.

Homes Aren’t A Dime A Dozen

Every home is different, so you won’t price your home exactly like your neighbor’s home. But, your neighbor’s sale can tell you a lot about what your home may sell for. If your home has a lot more space and upgrades than your neighbor’s, your home will likely sell for home.

Recent home sales can tell us a lot about what your home may sell for. But, you also have to take into account what your home has and what your home may lack. If your home has one of the largest and most private backyards in the neighborhood, that can benefit you when you sell. But, if your home has a small backyard that goes straight up hill, that could hurt you when it comes time to sell.

Certain things go a long way when you sell a home. Buyers want a home with a good layout that flows well. If your home is one of the few homes in the neighborhood with an open layout, that can benefit you. On the other hand, if your home lacks certain features that most homes in your neighborhood (like a bonus room or extra bedrooms), that can hurt you when it comes time to sell.

A realtor can help advise you what aspects of your home may help and hurt you when it comes time to sell.

Upgrades Do Matter

The small finishes in a home can go a long way when considering price. Things like updating fixtures, repainting, and redoing worn out flooring can go a long way in getting a good price for your home. Consider what other updates homes selling in your area before you consider your price.

Does your home look 10 years older than everyone else? If so, be sure that you consider this in your price. If you don’t want to spend the cash to upgraded, there’s nothing wrong with that. It just means that you’ll want to take this into account with the overall price.

Keep in mind, though, that some of these upgrades may not cost as you as much as you think. Things like replacing light fixtures, door knobs, and other fixtures aren’t usually a huge cost. In addition, repainting a few rooms doesn’t cost that much either typically. These updates can go a long way.

Trust The Data

Finally, the true art in pricing your West Knoxville home to sell is to trust the data. When a realtor looks at your home, he or she will be able to present you with the information of why they’re recommending that price. This will be based on what has recently sold in your area and what is currently listed. This information is what shows you what a competitive price is for your home.

When you intend to sell your home quickly and for the best price possible, the real art is listing your home at a competitive price. A competitive price will attract buyer’s attention quickly and it will also get you the bottom line of what you’re looking for. The numbers don’t lie in real estate, especially when you’re going based on what has sold in an area.

Sellers often encounter problems when they try to overprice their home. They’ll list the home high, get minimal attention and require multiple price drops before their home sells. By then, the home sits on the market and buyers are left wondering what may be wrong with the home.

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