3 Resolutions To Make Right Now If You Want To Buy A West Knoxville Home In 2018

Is 2018 the year you plan to buy a West Knoxville home for sale?

Will it be the year that you finally buy that you’ve been home that you’ve been dreaming of?

If so, starting off the year right with the right resolutions can help you make the process easier. Here are 3 resolutions to make right now if you want to buy a West Knoxville home in 2018.

Resolution #1: I Will Not Wait To Start My Home Search

First and foremost, make it your resolution to hit the market early in 2018. There’s a bit of a lull during the winter months where many buyers wait for the weather to warm up before they hit the market. As a buyer, this can be the perfect time to hit the market.

You’d be crazy to wait until spring to buy a house. If you can find something that suits your needs, you’re less likely to face competition than you would in the spring. You’ll also be likely to get into a bidding war.

Start your home search off early in 2018 in hopes that you’ll find the right home and not face as much competition. You’ll thank yourself for finding the right home and avoiding the competition.

Resolution #2: I Will Have All My Ducks In A Row

When you’re buying a home in a seller’s market, there’s no room to mess around. You need to enter the market pre-approved and with a good idea of how much you want to spend. This can be a huge benefit when you start off your home search prepared.

You’ll save yourself a great deal of time and heartache if you get pre-approved before you start your home search. That way you’ll start off knowing how much you can afford in a home. This is the single most important criteria when you start your home search.

In addition, you need to know what you’re looking for in a home. This will help you start your home search focused.

Resolution #3: I Will Be Realistic About The Current Market

Finally, as a buyer, it’s important that you’re realistic about buying a home in a seller’s market.  We won’t lie – being a buyer in a seller’s market isn’t always easy. There’s lots of competition and great homes go fast. You’re likely to pay full price for a home and possibly more if you want your closing costs covered.

If you’re planning to buy a home in a seller’s market, it’s important that you’re realistic about the current market. Going in with the expectation that you’ll buy a home in the perfect condition that’s a complete steal isn’t realistic. You’ll find yourself disappointed and be missing out on great homes.

Be sure you know how much you’re comfortable with spending on a home and if you’re going to ask for additional items in a contract. If you’re going to ask for additional items, you may have to consider that when thinking about offering price.

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