How Do You Tell A Seller Is Motivated?

Gone are the days of a buyer’s market where sellers would do just about anything to attract a buyer.

In a seller’s market, there are just too many buyers and not enough homes. This can cause bidding wars and great homes to disappear within a matter of days.

Occasionally, though, you will come across a seller who is motivated. In this post, we’ll show you how to identify a seller who is clearly motivated.

The Home Is Vacant

A vacant listing shows a lot about a seller’s motivation. When a home is vacant, the seller has moved on. A vacant listing shows that a seller is carrying the costs of owning two places, which oftentimes means that the seller is wanting to unload the house as soon as possible.

A seller may have already bought another home or moved to another city, which makes them even more motivated to unload their house. The cost of maintaining and paying for a home that you’re not living is a stressful burden. Seeing that a home is vacant is normally a good sign that a seller will be motivated.

The Listing Shows A Seller Is Motivated

Does a home have multiple price drops? Is it priced below market value? Is the listing vacant and stage? These are all signs that a seller is motivated.

If a seller has made multiple price drops or if the home is priced well below market value, that shows you that a seller is wanting to get rid of their home as quickly as possible. Lowering the prices shows that a seller is wanting to attract attention with a low price.

These signs are screaming that a home wants to be sold and that a seller is motivated.

The Family Has Clearly Outgrown Their Space

Sometimes when you a see a home you can tell that a family is outgrowing their space. If the kids are clearly bunking up or the house is filled to the brim, those are all signs that a family has outgrown a home. Not having enough space often indicates that a family is motivated to move on.

When a family is bursting out of their home, that’s often a sign that they’re motivated. There is nothing worse than not having the space that you need for your family.

Added Bonus: The Seller Is Quick And Responsive

Finally, when you’re asking questions about a home, if the seller is quick and responsive, that can be a good sign that they’re motivated. Sellers who want to ensure that a home sells quickly will be upfront about answers to your question.

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