Why Do Some West Knoxville Homes Sell Faster Than Others?

When you’re selling a West Knoxville home, you want it to sell fast and for the best price possible.

So, why do some West Knoxville homes sell faster than others?

Contrary to what you may believe, it’s not all luck. There are certain qualities that make a West Knoxville home sell faster than others. If you know these qualities, you can help use this knowledge to your advantage to help sell your home fast.

In this post, we’ll highlight the qualities to help sell your West Knoxville home fast, so you can be one of the homes that sells faster than others.

Right Price

There’s a common misconception among many West Knoxville sellers that it’s best to price home high then drop the price. Oftentimes, this strategy ends up with your home spending more time on the market. When you do multiple price drops, it will also show potential buyers that you’re desperate to sell, thus lowering the offers that you could receive in the first place.

In contrast, pricing your home competitively with what other homes are for sale in your area will help sell your home fast. When a home is priced right, it will immediately get more attention. Buyers will see that you’re serious about selling and will be more willing to work with you.

Neutral Interior

Homes with a neutral, move-in ready interior also tend to sell faster than those that don’t. Most buyers want a home that they can easily move into, which is why homes with a neutral interior tend to sell faster. When a home is outdated or has crazy paint colors throughout, it can sometimes deter buyers.

It’s generally easier for buyers to picture themselves in your home when the interior is neutral. When a home isn’t covered with clutter, it also helps buyers picture themselves in your home. Before listing your home, consider having your home staged or consider doing some major de-cluttering of your home.

Ideal Location

Location can also be another thing that can help one home sell faster when another. A good location can be a major selling point for many buyers. Unfortunately, this is one thing that you can’t change about your home.

As you well know, real estate is all about location. There’s not beating out a home that has a more desirable location. A home in a neighborhood that has a better lot or better mountain views. Or, a home that is closer to everything, like restaurants, shopping, and the interstate.

Great Pictures

Finally, pictures go a long way when it comes to selling a West Knoxville home. Typically, the homes that do sell faster than others have great pictures. With a majority of home searches starting online, great pictures are the easiest way to get buyers into your home.

The best way to get great pictures of your home is either to hire a professional photographer or a realtor that knows how to take great pictures. This is not as easy as you may think, since there are many seasoned realtors that take horrible listing photos.

Great pictures help highlight the great things about your home. This can be a huge thing to get buyers into your home while it’s for sale.

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