Should You Buy A Home Without A Knoxville Realtor?

We live in an DIY era, where you can learn how to do just about anything online, with the help of YouTube and Google.

For many buyers, this attitude of DIY can make it awfully tempting to take on buying a home by yourself.

Before you embark on your home buying journey solo, we’d like to issue a few warnings about buying a home without the help of a realtor. In this post, we’ll off some reasons why you should use a realtor.

Buyer’s Agents Get Compensated By The Seller

Buyer’s agents get compensated by the seller in a majority of cases, making their services free to buyers. Yep, that’s right, you can hire a buyer’s agent and not pay them a dime! Knowing that, you’d be pretty crazy not to hire a buyer’s agent to work on your behalf.

A buyer’s agent is essential to buying a home. They’re more than just someone to open up homes and schedule showings. They’re there to watch out for your best interest and guide you through the home buying process. A buyer’s agent will help you write an offer, work through a home inspection, and help you solve any problems that you may encounter.

Real estate transactions can be complicated. Unless you’ve worked in the industry, it can be hard to know what to expect when you buy a home. Many times, buyers get into trouble when something unexpected happens.

Insider Knowledge

Realtors have insider knowledge of the real estate industry. Realtors are well-connected to connect you with important people in the real estate industry, like a loan officer, home inspector, and title company. This can help your real estate transaction go smoothly when you can be connected with other professionals in the business.

In addition, realtors can be well-connected to know about homes that are hitting the market. In a seller’s market, it can be tough to find homes when there are too many buyers and not enough homes. Insider knowledge can help you get ahead of the competition if you know of new homes hitting the market.

Realtors are well-connected because they work within the industry. This can make them a powerful ally when it comes to finding the right home.

Negotiating Power

A realtor can be a major asset when it comes to negotiation. For one, they’re not emotionally involved like a buyer, so they’re not going to allow their emotions to get the best of them. More importantly though, they know what negotiation tactics work and what don’t. They also know what is typical when it comes to negotiation.

A realtor will truly shine when it comes to negotiation. When it comes to writing an offer, they can help advise you a price, what contingencies you need and don’t need, and they can help advise you on what to expect during negotiations. In a seller’s market, negotiation is a very key part of getting the right house. It can help to have a realtor who can help advise you what you should and shouldn’t include in an offer.

Negotiating power matters a great deal in real estate. It can help to have someone who is on your side.

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