Knoxville Among Trending US Travel Destinations For 2020

Knoxville has been named one of the trending US travel destinations for 2020 by Conde Nest Traveler.

In order to determine the trending US travel destinations, Conde Nest Traveler took a look at where travelers were searching hotels and flights for travel in 2020 on Google and Kayak. Based on that information, they were able to determine the top five travel destinations in the US based on what places were getting the most search hits.

Knoxville was one of five cities that appeared on the list of trending travel destinations. The other 4 cities that were on the list were as follows:

  • Big Island, Hawaii
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Key West, Florida
  • Austin Texas

What Makes Knoxville An Emerging Travel Destination?

Knoxville is often a forgotten city in Tennessee. Though it’s the third-largest in the state, Knoxville often relegated to the shadows behind Memphis and Nashville.

It now seems, though, travelers are discovering the charm of Knoxville. It’s a large city with a lot going on. Downtown Knoxville is home to one of Conde Nest Traveler’s favorite hotels, The Tennessean, which is a luxury hotel located in Downtown Knoxville.

Knoxville is home to J.C. Holdway Restaurant. It was opened by Joseph Lenn, who previously worked at Blackberry Farm and received the James Beard Award for “Best Chef Southeast” in 2013. J.C. Holdway specializes in gourmet southern favorites. Many of the ingredients are sourced from local farms.

Knoxville is brimming with places to eat everywhere. Just in the Market Square area downtown, there are dozens of places to eat. Knoxville is lucky to have no shortage of great eateries.

While Knoxville may just be an hour away from the Great Smoky Mountains, Knoxville has no shortage of outdoor activities. The Knoxville Urban Wilderness connects 50 miles of forested trails downtown with various historic sites including Fort Dickerson Park and Ijams Nature Center.

With various lakes and rivers nearby, there’s no shortage of water-related activities. Fishing, kayaking, boating, and swimming are all in close proximity to Knoxville.

Did You Know?

Knoxville may not be one of the biggest cities in the country, but it has appeared on many national lists.

Here are some of the lists that Knoxville has appeared on in the last few years:

  • In September of 2019, Knoxville was among the top 10 cities to sell your home right now.
  • Also in 2019, Knoxville was named a recession-proof city by and the Coolest City in Tennessee.
  • In 2018, Knoxville was named one of the cities Americans are flocking to and Knoxville was named one of the next urban powerhouses by
  • Also in 2018, Knoxville was named one of the Best Affordable Cities In The US.

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