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15-Minute Fixes For Around The Home

Home maintenance is an ongoing project. There's always something to do around the house, or something to fix. The problem is, you may not have the time, or the skills, to get it done yourself. In this 4-minute piece from The Today Show on NBC, you'll see some projects are quite simple.

Avoiding Common Mortgage Scams

Despite tougher mortgage guidelines and better loan disclosures for consumers, mortgage fraud is on the rise.

Ex-Burglars Share Tips On Protecting Your Home From Break-Ins

This week marks the start of August, a popular vacation month for Americans. Maybe you're among the many that will leave town for a few days -- or a few weeks. But, before you leave your home, make sure you don't leave clues for burglars.

Yes, You Can Still Get A Mortgage If You’re Pregnant

The New York Times ran an important story this week concerning pregnancy and mortgage approvals. Titled "Need a Mortgage? Don't Get Pregnant", the article discussed the difficulties that expecting and recently-expanded families are having with their mortgage financing.

Household Finances : Which Bills Should I Pay First?

Morning television can be "light", but as far as personal finance interviews go, this Suze Orman segment from The Today Show is loaded with practical financial planning advice.

Shopping And Paying Bills Online? Here’s Methods To Protect Your Online Financial Identity

In May 2010, Retail Sales at non-store retailers -- a category that includes Amazon and eBay -- topped $29 billion, up 16 percent from May 2009. Clearly, Americans are doing an increasing amount of shopping online. But how well are we protecting our identities?

Knoxville Homeowners Is Now The Time To Refinance??

Mortgage rates are low and they likely won't stay that way. If you've been thinking about a refinance, talk to your loan officer as soon as possible.

Are The Taxes High On Your Knoxville Area Home??

More than 60 percent of U.S. homes are "over-assessed", says an industry trade group. It causes homeowners to pay more in property taxes than they otherwise should have to. You might be one of them. Have you considered fighting it?