5 Steps To Get The Best Deal On A Knoxville Home Continued…..

Yesterday I started writing about the “The 5 Steps to get the best deal on a Knoxville Home. Today we will talk about steps 3-5

#3 Know The Market……

Take you time to educate yourself on the market. Know the area where you want to buy a home and get to know the market.  Your Realtor should be able to provide you with data on homes in the area you want to buy a home. If you want to take the time to do it on line you get do it for free on TheBigOrangePress . On the front page of my site on the left hand side bar there is “The MLS Market Snapshot” Once you create a FREE account it will let you search all the data in the MLS. You will see what homes are for sale along with what they have sold in any area of Knoxville.

Setup a search on a website you like and have email updates send to you when new homes come on the market. You will find as you look at homes and become familiar with the market place you will have a very good idea of values. You will know which homes are overpriced and which ones are a good value.

# 4 Have Walk Away Power……

Once you find the home you want to buy before you write an offer ask questions….Find out how long it has been on the market….Find out the seller motivation for selling….Has the reduced the price at all. Just by asking a few easy questions and knowing the answers you will be able to negotiate the best possible terms and conditions for you. Once you write an offer if you are unable to get pricing and terms you want….Have the ability to walk away and find another home. Don’t get too emotional about the deal there are alot of homes on the market in Knoxville. Be patient you will find one that works for you.
# 5 Get It Inspected……

Once you have an accepted offer get it professionally inspected by a home inspector. If there a major issues with the home you have the right to address them with the home owner or walk away. I will tell you every home has issues even new ones. Your home inspector is paid to find problems from the lose door knobs to the leaky roofs. Don’t worry about the small issues you are looking for major stuff.  A good Realtor will be able to cover the major issues and get them repaired for you.

Well that is it those are the “The 5 Steps to get the best deal on a Knoxville Home” If you have any questions or need any help finding your next home let me know I will be glad to help. Call me at 865-696-9002 or email Rick@TheBigOrangePress.com

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