Publix Comes to Turkey Creek

PublixPublix has announced a new location in Turkey Creek. The Florida based grocery store chain will be opening next to JcPenney’s in Turkey Creek.

It is among one of the many businesses that has recently announced a new location in West Knoxville. Among the other companies which have announced new locations in West Knoxville are: Costco, at  Lovell Road and Kingston Pike in Farragut;  Trader Joe’s, in Suburban Plaza near Gallaher View; Whole Foods, near the intersection of Papermill and Kingston Pike; and Academy Sports located off of Kingston Pike near Cedar Bluff Road. Urban Outfitters has also been rumored to be considering a Knoxville location.

Even though, there are a Target and Wal-Mart in Turkey Creek, Publix will be the first “true” grocery store location in Turkey Creek.  The Publix location in Turkey Creek will be over 49,000 square with an additional 15,000 feet of small shop space.  The location is hoping to open sometime late in 2012.

Publix has also announced a new location in Knoxville, located at the Northshore Town Center, near I-140 and Northshore Drive.

The Florida grocery chain owns and operates 1,038 locations across the Southeast. Founded by George W. Jenkins in 1930, it is the largest employee owned supermarket in the United States. Each location offers an extensive grocery, bakery, deli, floral, produce, and meat and seafood departments. In addition, some offer cafes, sushi bars, and pharmacies.

The addition of Publix to the Farragut Community is just one of the many reasons living in this West Knoxville location is great. There are a wide-variety of shopping locations  in very close range. If you have any questions about moving to West Knoxville, feel free to give me a call at 865-696-9002, send me an email or leave a comment on this post.

How do you feel about Publix coming to Turkey Creek? Will you be changing where you do your grocery shopping?