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Farragut & Sequoyah Hills – What Are The Differences Between These Areas?

Whether you prefer suburban tranquility or historical charm, Knoxville has it all. Let's discover the uniqueness of two favored West Knoxville communities - Farragut and Sequoyah Hills.

What Area Of West Knoxville Should You Move To?

West Knoxville is expansive, with diverse neighborhoods that boast unique features. This guide will walk you through crucial considerations to help you find your ideal home in this fantastic part of Knoxville.

How To Investigate A West Knoxville Neighborhood

You’ve been searching for a West Knoxville home and finally found the right one. You’ve done a few showings, even taken back a few key family members or friends to take a look. Now, you’re ready to write an offer on this West Knoxville home. But, have you fully investigated […]

3 Things Not To Overlook When Choosing A West Knoxville Neighborhood

You’ve probably heard it a million times, buying a West Knoxville home is a huge investment. Prior to jumping into buying  home, guns blazing, it is important to look beyond the home itself, and be sure that you love the West Knoxville neighborhood just as much as the home. Here […]

Eagle Glen Home For Sale – 10512 Eagles View Drive, Knoxville, TN 37922

This Eagle Glen home for sale has tons of upgrades, a fabulous floor plan, and massive, private backyard. It is located at 10512 Eagles View Drive, in the Northshore area of West Knoxville. This Eagle Glen home for sale has been kept in great condition, making it a must see […]

5 Qualities That Can Make A West Knoxville Neighborhood Great

Location is critical quality for every West Knoxville neighborhood. It will influence how close you are to work, how close you are to the store, and what amenities you enjoy on a regular basis. Here are five qualities that can make a West Knoxville home great. Proximity To Everything One […]

3 Reasons Why Buyers Love West Knoxville

There are a lot of reasons why buyers love the West Knoxville area. It can be hard to choose just one reason why the West Knoxville area attracts a great deal of home buyers, so we choose 3 reasons why buyers love the West Knoxville area. West Knoxville Is Home […]

3 Secrets To Finding The Perfect West Knoxville Neighborhood

Finding the right West Knoxville neighborhood isn’t always easy. There are a lot of different things to consider and not every neighborhood suits every buyer. Here are 3 secrets to finding the perfect West Knoxville neighborhood for you. One of the most helpful things to do when searching for the […]

Hidden Costs Of Buying A West Knoxville Home For Sale

There is no doubt that right now is a great time to buy a West Knoxville home for sale. But, buying a West Knoxville home for sale is much more than the cost of getting a mortgage and paying for a down payment. There are many costs that buyers tend […]