5 Qualities That Can Make A West Knoxville Neighborhood Great

Kensington (10)Location is critical quality for every West Knoxville neighborhood. It will influence how close you are to work, how close you are to the store, and what amenities you enjoy on a regular basis. Here are five qualities that can make a West Knoxville home great.

Proximity To Everything

One thing that can make a neighborhood great is how close it is to everything. Being close to the interstate, schools, the store, or other popular destinations will be a part of your daily life. As a matter of convenience, it is great when a West Knoxville home has a location that is close to everything.


There are many West Knoxville neighborhoods that offer a wide-range of amenities. Amenities can range from community pools and clubhouses, boat docks, basketball courts, tennis courts, among other things.


Setting can play a huge role in a West Knoxville neighborhood. Tree-lined streets, landscaping, and views can all make a neighborhood’s setting more desirable. A desirable setting is something that you will enjoy day in and day out.


Another thing that can make a neighborhood desirable is how walkable it is. Whether or not a neighborhood has sidewalks or walking paths can greatly influence this. As well as if the neighborhood is in walking distance to other places like restaurants or shopping. Neighborhoods that are walkable can greatly increase the desirability of a neighborhood.


Finally, a quality that can make  neighborhood great is being unique, meaning that it has qualities that really set it apart from other neighborhoods. This can be a unique style to the neighborhood, great views, prime location, or certain amenities that most other neighborhoods lack.

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