Hidden Costs Of Buying A West Knoxville Home For Sale

imagesThere is no doubt that right now is a great time to buy a West Knoxville home for sale. But, buying a West Knoxville home for sale is much more than the cost of getting a mortgage and paying for a down payment. There are many costs that buyers tend to overlook. Here are some of the hidden costs of buying a West Knoxville home for sale to watch out for.


One thing that buyers don’t often account for when buying a West Knoxville home for sale is inspection costs. If there is a loan involved in your purchase, your lender will most likely require you to do a termite inspection which usually are about $40-$50. In addition, you will most likely want to do a home inspection. A home inspection can help identify any potential problems in a home like structural issues or issues with the roof. They can vary in prices and are usually $300+ depending on the type of inspection. A home inspection is one hidden cost that is very worth paying, since it is better to know about major issues before buying a home.

Moving Costs

Some buyers are so focused on finding a West Knoxville home for sale, they tend to overlook the hidden cost of moving. Will you need movers? Do you have the necessary supplies? Be sure you set enough money aside to be able to pay for the cost of moving.

Cost Of Owning A Home

Owning a West Knoxville home is much more than just paying your mortgage. There is maintenance that comes with owning a West Knoxville home for sale. Will you need t buy new furniture for your home? Will you need a lawn mower? Will you need to buy any appliances? Prior to closing on a home, just be sure you have an idea of what expenses will come with buying a West Knoxville home for sale.

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