Farragut Home Sales are on the Rise

Town of FarragutFarragut are home sales are currently on the rise, after many months of home sales going in a downward direction. This great news the Farragut real estate market.

Farragut homes sales since July are up 7%, compared to a year ago. It has also seen more residential development this year than in recent years, according to David Smoak, the Farragut Town Administrator, who recently spoke on the topic in a recent article in The Farragut Press. There were 46 new homes built this year, compared to the 34 built in 2010 and the 28 built in 2009. Still, development is not quite up to where it was in 2008, with 53 new homes built

The Town of Farragut has created an environment both attractive to perspective home buyers and businesses.  The Town of Farragut  was named the Most Business Friendly City in Tennessee for 2011, by the Beacon Center of Tennessee. According to the study done by the Beacon Center, the area has seen job growth and strong economic vitality, when a lot of other Tennessee cities have struggled. In recent months, businesses like Costco has announced a location at Lovell Road and Kingston Pike and Publix has announced a new location in Turkey Creek, next two JcPenney.

With interest rates at historic lows, this is a great time to buy a home in Farragut. And, for people selling their home with home sales on the rise, it means there hasn’t been a better time to consider selling your home.

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