Farragut Homes For Sale – What Type Of Home Fits Your Needs?

white-home-iconThe West Knoxville and Farragut real estate market is full of a wide-array of housing options. Before you start looking at West Knoxville and Farragut homes for sale, it is important to know what type of home would best suit your needs. Here is a list of just a few of the many types of housing options available to buyers in the Knoxville and Farragut area.

Ranch Homes

Ranch homes are a very common type of home found throughout the country. They are a single story home with an extremely versatile layout. Rooms in ranch homes can easily be converted due to the homes layout. A living room can be come an office or a dining room can become a living room. The versatility of these homes makes them great for any buyer, since rooms can be easily converted at a whim.


For the right type of buyer, living in a condo can be great. For buyers that want to avoid the outdoor maintenance and want to enjoy additional amenities, such as onsite gyms and pools, a condo can be a great option. West Knoxville and Farragut condo come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, some have common hallways while others are more free standing. Condos do have some downsides, though, such as less privacy and storage. They also come with with homeowner’s association fees that cover the maintenance of common areas.  When searching for condos, be sure to verify the amount of HOA dues.

Traditional Two Story

Traditional two story homes are another very common form of housing option.  These types of homes come in a wide variety of floor plans. Two story homes can allow more separation in the home and allow for more privacy in busy areas of the home. Since two story homes come in a wide range of floor plans, it can be easy for buyers to find one to suit their needs.

Planned Unit Development

Planned Unit Developments [PUDs] come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Some PUDs in Knoxville are townhomes while other PUDs can be large, luxury homes. PUDS are homeowner communities that offer amenities that traditional neighborhoods don’t offer, such as community pools or tennis courts. PUDs often offer maintenance free living that is maintained through homeowner’s association dues. One downfall of PUDs is that they can come with regulations about how homes are maintained and the appearance of homes.

Waterfront Living

In West Knoxville and Farragut, there are a wide range of waterfront communities, for those buyers that want to take advantage of living near the water. These waterfront communities come with many amenities including community pools, clubhouses, and boat drops. Waterfront communities in West Knoxville and Farragut can come with breathtaking views of Lake Loudon and the Great Smokey mountains.

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