Are Your Farragut Real Estate Wishes Feasible?

i-wish-i-hadIf you’re considering buying  a Farragut home this spring or winter, you inevitably have an idea of certain things you wish to happen. As a buyer, you have a certain picture in your head of the right type of home, the perfect location, and the right price.  On the current Farragut real estate market, some wishes are fantasies while others are feasible.  So, are your Farrragut real estate wishes feasible or fantasy?

Buyer’s Wish #1 – A home that’s a dirt cheap steal.

There are a lot of great deals on the Farragut real estate market. But, a lot of times buyers forget that homes that are priced historically low are priced low for a reason. Foreclosures and shorts sales can be a great buy, but that can come with there fair share of necessary work. A home in good condition with a lot to offer is not going to be priced at the level that some foreclosures and short sales are priced. Home prices are still historically low and slowly recovering, just make sure you have realistic impressions of what you are getting into.

Buyer’s Wish #2 – The perfect Farragut home with everything you want.

As a buyer, you should absolutely have a list of what you are looking for in a home. On certain aspects of what you are looking for in your home, there is no settling, without that aspect the home will not be what you are looking for. Still, it is important to know, that you may not find a home with absolutely everything you want. There may be certain things you can give on, like a smaller kitchen or one less bathroom. Balance your wants and needs when searching for you Farragut and figure out what you can and cannot give on.

Buyer’s Wish #3 – You’ll get everything you want out of the deal because it’s a buyer’s market.

It is possible to find the perfect Farragut home for you at a great price. But, as with any contract, sometimes, you have to give a little. You might get the price you want, but there might have to be certain things you have to give on, like seller paid closing costs or other contract details. A real estate transaction involves a lot of parties.

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