How To Make A Small Room In Your Knoxville Home Appear Larger

10064540706_10e5d4ef79_zEveryone Knoxville homeowner has one room in their home that is small and difficult to decorate. Whether you’re in process of getting your Knoxville home ready to sell or just in the midst of redecorating, here is how to make a small room appear larger in your Knoxville home.

Choose The Right Color Scheme

When it comes to choosing a paint color for a small room in your Knoxville home, choose a light color. Dark colors can make a room look drastically small. Pastels, neutrals, and white are all colors that can help a room look larger.

Go Monochromatic

Using monochromatic colors can help a small room look larger. Utilizing varying shades and patterns of the same color can give variation to a room, without trying to conflict to many colors that can make a room look small.

Take Advantage Of Natural Light

A small room can look significantly larger with the help of some natural light. Be sure to take advantage of any natural light to help open up a small room.

Pick The Right Furniture

The quickest way to make a small room look smaller is to overwhelm it with larger furniture. A small room may look better with a love seat instead of a full size sofa. Furniture with raised legs tends to give the illusion of more space, making them a better option for smaller rooms. Also, consider using multifunctional furniture, like an ottoman that can double as a coffee table.

Utilize Mirrors

Any small room in a Knoxville home can look larger with the help of a mirror. Mirrors add extra light and can benefit any small room.

Take Advantage of Extra Storage Space

Hide away extra clutter in hidden storage space, like under bed storage, armoires, ottomans, among other places.

Add Wall-To-Wall Bookshelves

Floor to ceiling shelving can expand a small room by creating an focal point to visually expand a small space. Utilize a light colored shelving. When filling a bookcase, don’t fully fill up the space. Empty space can give the room an more airy, spacious feel.

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