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Is title search necessary

Is Title Search Necessary in the Homebuying Process?

Is title search necessary? Knoxville real estate experts explain why a title search is necessary for buying a home.

How To Create Your Knoxville Home Buying Wish List

If you’re like most Knoxville home buyers, you’ve probably been thinking for awhile about what you want in your Knoxville home. Buying a home brings up a lot of questions about what you do an what you don’t want in your home. Here is how to create your Knoxville home […]

Knoxville First Time Home Buyers – Boost Your Mortgage Approval Chances

Getting approved for a mortgage is an essential part of buying a Knoxville home, particularly for first time home buyers. Unfortunately, with tightened mortgage standards, it isn’t always a cake walk. Here is how to boost your mortgage approval chances when buying a Knoxville home sale. One important thing to […]

How To Cut Down On The Stress While Selling Your Knoxville Home

Selling your Knoxville home is stressful. As a seller, you can have a million thoughts running through your head. Will your home sell? How long will it take to sell? How much will it sell for? How much time will you have to move?  With all the unknowns, it is […]

3 Financial Fails Knoxville First Time Home Buyers Make

With mortgage rates still historically low, it is no shock there are still many Knoxville first time buyers still looking to buy homes. Buying your first Knoxville home can be exciting and overwhelming. Unfortunately, along the way, many first time home buyers make mistakes along the way. Here are 3 financial […]

Knoxville Real Estate – Will 2015 Be The Year Millenials Decide To Buy?

Zillow has predicted that 2015 will be the year that many in the millennial generation finally buy their first home. Zillow’s predictions go so far as to say that millennials will over take Generation X as the largest group of home buyers in 2015. Read on to find out more […]

3 Ways Buying A Knoxville Home Has Changed For The Better In 2015

With the start of 2015, many real estate experts are predicting that 2015 with be a strong year for real estate. With predicts of interest rates rising and new loan programs for first time home buyers, many are predicting that buyers who have been waiting on the sidelines will finally […]

What Will 2015 Hold For The Knoxville Real Estate Market?

At the end of every year, people often wonder what the following year will hold. Here are a few predictions from Knoxville Home Team on what 2015 might mean for the Knoxville real estate market. Knoxville Real Estate Market Prediction #1 – Interest Rates Will Rise Over the past few […]

Why Hasn’t My Knoxville Home Sold? 3 Reasons Why It Hasn’t

Selling your Knoxville home isn’t always easy. If you’ve been unlucky enough to have your home sit on the market for longer than you’ve liked, you’re likely looking for reasons why. Regardless of the time of year or market conditions, here are 3 reason why your Knoxville home may have […]