5 Pieces Of Real Estate Advice You Should Ignore When Buying A Farragut Home

ar132795726104982When people know you’re in the process of buying a Farragut home for sale, people tend to offer up a great deal of advice. Everyone from your boss at work to friends to the guy serving your morning coffee has something to say about what your should or shouldn’t do when you buy a Farragut home for sale. Unfortunately, there is a lot of really bad real estate advice out there. If you’re in the process of buying a Farragut home for sale, here are 5 pieces of bad real estate advice to ignore when buying a home.

“You Don’t Need A Home Inspection.”

Regardless of whether a home is 10 years old or brand new, anyone who advises you not to get a home inspection is serving up some horrible real estate advice. A home inspection is a vital part of the home buying process. It can help identify any potential problems prior to buying a house so you fully understand what you are buying. Home inspections range from $200 to $500+ depending on the type of the inspection, but are worth every penny when buying a Farragut home for sale.

“You Need To Buy Right Now [Or Wait To Buy]!”

Trying to time the market based on Farragut home prices and mortgage rates is just bad real estate advice. While those can be added perks, it should not be the sole reason that you are Farragut buying a house. It can be difficult to time the market, you’re much better off to buy when you are ready to buy. It will make the whole process much less stressful.

“Wait And Talk To A Loan Officer Until You Find A House.”

This is just overall bad advice. Having an understanding of your mortgage options makes the process easier for everyone. It will give you an idea of how much Farragut home you can afford and lets you know that you are in a place to buy a Farragut home. It will also make the home buying process much easier for you from the start.

“You Should Use My Sister/Wife/Aunt Who Works In Real Estate.”

This isn’t to say that the sister/wife/aunt being recommended to you is not a great realtor, but prior to selecting them as your Farragut realtor, be sure to do your research. Your Farragut buying needs could be different than what they specialize in, so just be sure to look into them before you select them as your realtor. Just because they are a friend or family member of someone you know, doesn’t guarantee they are the best one to represent you when you buy a Farragut home.

 “You Have To Have At Least 20% Down On A Home.”

One area that people tend to offer bad real estate advice is on mortgages. With the help of a Rural Development Loan or THDA Grant, it is possible to buy a home with no money down. There are a lot of different loan programs out there and you won’t know what options you may have to buy a Farragut home until you sit down and talk to someone.

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