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Buying a Farragut Home

How To Do A Final Walk-Through Of Your Farragut Home

A final walk-through is done before closing on a Farragut home for sale. A final walk-through gives a buyer the chance to have one last look at the Farragut home prior to closing, to ensure everything […]

5 Pieces Of Real Estate Advice You Should Ignore When Buying A Farragut Home

When people know you’re in the process of buying a Farragut home for sale, people tend to offer up a great deal of advice. Everyone from your boss at work to friends to the guy serving […]

How To Buy A Farragut Home For Sale – 3 Key Tips To Succeed This Summer

The biggest time for the Farragut real estate market is upon us. A majority (roughly 60% of more) of Farragut homes for sale are sold between May and August. With many Farragut homes for sale hitting […]

Is Now Still A Good Time To Buy A West Knoxville Home?

With the news of rising mortgage rates, many potential West Knoxville buyers have been wondering the same thing: is now still a good time to buy a West Knoxville home?  The simple answer is, yes, it […]

Farragut First Time Buyers – Can You Afford To Buy a House?

For many Farragut first time buyers, when it comes to debating buying a house versus renting, it can sound a lot more enticing to pay money towards a mortgage, rather than throwing it away by paying […]

West Knoxville Home Buying 101- What’s Title Insurance?

During the process of buying a West Knoxville home, particularly if you’re a first time buyer, buyers are constantly hit with lot of new information. There are so many things requirements and things to consider, it […]

West Knoxville Buyers – Choosing The Right Loan Officer For You

Buying a West Knoxville home involves a lot of decisions. Two big decisions involve finding the right REALTOR® to help your find the right home along with finding the right loan officer to secure financing. A good loan officer […]

Why Buying A West Knoxville Home This Winter Could Benefit You

The debate over when to buy a West Knoxville or Farragut home can be a difficult one. During the winter, the Knoxville real estate market can slow down and cold weather can deter people from wanting […]

West Knoxville Buyers – Are You Stalling Your Home Search?

West Knoxville or Farragut buyers can sometimes suffer from “Goldilocks Syndrome,” meaning that they struggle to find the home that is just right for them. That is, West Knoxville or Farragut buyers struggle to find a […]