Knoxville Ranks #2 On Best College Sports Town List

5298353253_df35cf92f7_zKnoxville is among one of the best college sports towns, according to

This may not be a shock to most Knoxville residents who know there is not better time than football time in Tennessee or watching the Lady Vols compete for yet another national title. Still, it is great to see Knoxville receive recognition on a national list of best college sports towns.

On the list of 10 cities, Knoxville ranked #2 on the list of best college sports towns. Knoxville received recognition for quite a few reasons, one being having a group of dedicated, loyal fans. Another reason topped the list was due to the University of Tennessee’s great campus and game days festivities that are unlike any other. Finally, Knoxville received nods for having a strong fan base for women’s sports, particularly for the Lady Vols. Knoxville was the highest ranking SEC college town included on the list, only falling behind Madison, Wisconsin.

Here is the complete list of best college sports towns:

1. Madison, Wisconsin
2. Knoxville, Tennessee
3. Gainesville, Florida
4. Los Angeles, California
5. Iowa City, Iowa
6. Tuscaloosa, Alabama
7. Columbia, Missouri
8. Austin, Texas
9. State College, Pennsylvania
10. Durham, North Carolina

This is not the first time that Knoxville has topped a national ranking list. Earlier this year, Knoxville was named one of America’s most affordable cities by Forbes. Knoxville ranked #5 on a list of American cities where residence enjoy a low cost of living.

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