How To Get Rid Of Pet Smells In Your Knoxville Home

840358320_00f0a7b24d_zLingering pet smells can be dire when you’re trying to sell your Knoxville home. For example, last week, I was showing a home to one of my buyers, upon walking into the one of the homes we were greeted with a very strong smell of pet odors, it was like being in a kennel. All in all, it was a great house, but my buyer was extremely put off by the pet orders. If you’re a pet owner, here is how to get rid of pet smells in your Knoxville home.

Cut Odors Off At The Source

In order minimize pet odors in your Knoxville home, it helps to prevent odors in the place where they start – your pets. Frequent grooming and bathing of pets can help prevent pet odors before they become a problem.

Keep Your House Clean

Cleaning your home regularly can help get rid of lingering pet odors, since pet hair can be the source of many pet odors. To help get pet odors out of carpets, sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the carpet to help neutralize pet odors. There are also many pet eliminating sprays that can help remove pet smells from furniture.

Get Professional Help

If you’ve been bad about combating pet smells in your Knoxville home, sometimes it helps to bring in some professional help to really get rid of the odors. Carpet cleaning services can do a deep clean of carpets and furniture to help remove lingering pet odors. These services can be affordable and are extremely worth the investment if you’re thinking about selling your Knoxville home.

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