5 Reasons Why Locals Love Living In Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville is a great town to live in. It’s home to many employers, enjoys a low cost of living, and has a moderate climate with four full seasons.

In the past few years, Knoxville has received national attention appearing on countless lists. Earlier this year, Knoxville was named one of the hottest real estate markets by Zillow.  Knoxville was also named one of America’s Favorite Cities earlier this year by Travel + Leisure. In 2015,  Knoxville was named one of the Best College Sports Towns, ranking #2 on the national list and was also named one of the Best Cities To Relocate To By The Huffington Post.

But, to truly get a feel for why people love a city, it’s best to go to the people who live there. Here are 5 reasons why locals love living in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Big City With Small Town Feel

Knoxville is a big enough town that still has a small city feel. This is why locals love living in Knoxville. Knoxville has everything you want in a city, without being too large and overwhelming. You can still run into people you know when you’re out in about at dinner or running errands.

For those not wanting to be overwhelmed by such a large city like Atlanta or Charlotte, Knoxville is a perfect alternative. It’s still a large city, but it’s not so large that it comes with a high cost of living and nightmarish traffic. Locals find that Knoxville is a big city with a small town feel. You’re still likely to find mutual connections with a friend of a friend and not get lost in the crowd.

Four Seasons

One of the things that locals love about Knoxville is the weather. Knoxville enjoys relatively warm winters, while still getting the change of seasons. If you love to see things bud in the spring and also love to watch the leave changes colors in the fall, Knoxville is the perfect place to live. You also get the added benefit of avoiding snow for the most part.

For those who want to avoid bitter winters, but still get all four seasons, Knoxville provides the perfect place to live. Winters in Knoxville tend to be somewhat mild. You may get a few cold days, but those days are brief and tend to not last. Spring starts in early March and warm fall weather can last through October. You’ll still get the change of leaves, without the long winters.

Sports Town

When it comes to sports, Knoxville has it all. There’s basketball, baseball, football, and hockey just to name a few. If you’re not already a college football fan, you soon will be when you live in Knoxville. Becoming a Tennessee Vols fan happens pretty naturally once you live in Knoxville.

Knoxville is home to the University of Tennessee, which makes Volunteer football a big deal. But, there are many other teams in Knoxville besides just college football. UT also has great men’s and women’s basketball.

For those who like baseball or hockey, there is the Tennessee Smokies and the Knoxville Icebears. So, there truly is something for every sports fan in Knoxville.

Natural Beauty

Knoxville is home to extensive natural beauty. With the Great Smokey Mountains and the Tennessee River, there is no shortage of natural beauty in Knoxville.

Whether you want to enjoy hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains or going out on the Tennessee River, Knoxville has it all. You can enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Great Smokey Mountains while going for a hike or visiting the Smokey Mountain National Park.

Mountain views can be seen throughout East Tennessee. Knoxville’s proximity to them makes it an ideal location for those who enjoy hiking or camping.

Vibrant Town

Finally, Knoxville is a vibrant town. This is an another reason why locals love living here. Knoxville has a vibrant downtown with tons of restaurants, shopping, and other entertainment. Downtown Knoxville offers free parking on the weekends and at night, which makes enjoying downtown Knoxville easy.

Between Market Square, the Old City, and Gay Street, Knoxville has a lively downtown. There is no shortage of restaurants or things to do including a bowling alley and downtown movie theater. There are also many unique shops downtown. In addition, there’s always entertainment downtown including festivals, farmers markets, and live music and shows.

Other areas of Knoxville are vibrant as well. Knoxville is home to many chains that Knoxville residents desire including Costco, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s. West Town Mall and Turkey Creek also have a wide-variety of shops that are suited to meet any shoppers needs.

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