Finding Your Knoxville Real Estate Deal Part 2

The other day I started a 3 part series of Post Finding Your Knoxville Real Estate Deal. This is Part 2 of this series and we will be covering on how to “Find Your Deal”. Once you have found your Realtor who you are comfortable with I would get a home search setup on their website. That way you and communicate with your agent as new home come on the market and be ready to go look if something really good hits the market. I would suggest a local website as oppose to the large national sites like Trulia, Zillow etc. The reason is that most local sites are update several times throughout the day. That way you always have the newest homes and price reductions on homes. The large national sites get updated several times during the week so you may not always have current information.

You want to setup on the site very specific searches for what you are seeking in a home. It may take several saved searches to cover every angle of the type of home you want so you don’t miss anything. If you need help with it ask your agent they should be able to do it for you on their site.

We did a great deal of research in picking our home search part of TheBigOrangePress our buyers always have the most updated homes in their inbox. We are able to communicate with our buyers on the site and they can with us. That way when that really “hot” one hits we are their first to take advantage of the opportunity. We take great pride in being technically advanced to better help our clients.

Once you find a few homes get out there and take a look at the homes. Take your time and do your homework. If you find one you like ask your agent for what others have sold for in the area. Base your offer on what is happening in the neighborhood. Take into mind the things that may need to be done to the home and consider it in the offer. Ask your agent for their advice in putting together the offer that they think can be accepted at the same time getting you the best deal possible. One tactic we do with our buyers that helps them out if the home needs work is asking for the seller to pay your closing costs. That way if the home needs some work you have some cash left over to do the work.

Lesson 101 to remember when buying a home in today’s market. Be prepared to walk away if you can’t get the price and terms that work for you. It is a buyers market and if you can’t buy the house at a price and terms that work for you just walk away. Something else will show up on the market just be patient.

If you have an agent who is helping you out that is great. If you would like to use our site to search for your home feel free. If I can help you find your new home call me at 865-696-9002 or email me and let’s talk about it.