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Buy A West Knoxville Home Now 5 Reasons Why

Have you been thinking about buying a West Knoxville home but are unsure whether now is a good time to buy? Consider these 5 GREAT reasons to buy a West Knoxville home now: 1. Affordable home […]

Closing Your Knoxville Real Estate Deal Part 3

Finding Your Knoxville Real Estate Deal Part 2 yesterday we talked about finding your deal. Now we are going to cover what you need to don once you have found your deal. Let’s assume you found […]

Finding Your Knoxville Real Estate Deal Part 2

The other day I started a 3 part series of Post Finding Your Knoxville Real Estate Deal. This is Part 2 of this series and we will be covering on how to “Find Your Deal”. Once […]

Knoxville Real Estate Deal What’s Yours?

It seems like every buyer I work with today one of the first things they tell me is “I want to get a deal” or “I want to steal a home and get a really great […]

Part Three: Renting Vs. Buying in Knoxville

In Part I of the blog post series, “Renting Vs. Buying in Knoxville,” we compared the price of buying a home in Knoxville versus that of renting an apartment. And,  in Part II, we looked at […]

Shopping For Mortgage Rates Is Part Research Skills, Part Luck

Shopping for mortgage rates takes more than good research skills. It takes a little bit of luck, too.

The Federal Reserve Meets Today. Should You Lock Your Rate Before It Adjourns?

If you're actively shopping for a mortgage, it may be prudent to lock your rate ahead of the Fed's announcement today.

Knoxville Mortgage Rates May Be Low…But Watch The Bouncing Ball..

Mortgage rates would have been volatile this week. The presence of Labor Day just piles on. If you have a chance to lock something favorable and within your budget, consider doing it.

30-Year Mortgage Rates Make New Lows, But Look Ready To Spike

No doubt you've heard that mortgage rates are low. They're lower than they've ever been in history. The news is everywhere. But the low rate environment looks like it's ending.