Closing Your Knoxville Real Estate Deal Part 3

Finding Your Knoxville Real Estate Deal Part 2 yesterday we talked about finding your deal. Now we are going to cover what you need to don once you have found your deal.

Let’s assume you found a home in West Knoxville neighborhood got the contract accepted now the real work begins. You will need to order up your home and termite inspections.

If you are looking for a home inspector ask your realtor and friends for a recommendation on who they used when they bought a home. Check them out on the web and see  the type of services they offer an type of report you are going to get. I always refer to an inspector as a General Practitioner in the medical field. Inspectors have a great deal of general knowledge of all the aspects of a home. If they see something that concerns them they are going to refer you to a specialist who can analyze the issues and problems even further. Get a good inspection from a qualified inspector it is money well spend a BIG investment you are making on a home.

In Knoxville we use a standard contract that gives buyers a few options once they have the inspections done. If they are really scared at what they have found they have the option to walk away. If they have found some issues they are worried about they now have the option to go back to the seller and ask for them to be fixed. The seller has the right to fixed them, give you a credit to cover the cost of the repairs, reduce the price of the home to cover the cost of the repairs. Or they can tell you to go fly a kite. Remember the purpose of the inspection is find major problems with the home. Be reasonable with the seller and they we will be reasonable with you in most cases. If you worry about the lose door knobs and the dripping faucets you may have some issues getting anything done.

Once you have solved all the inspection issues and the financing in place it is time to go to a closing. Congratulations if you have followed my steps outlined in these last few posts. You should have bought a home that was a “deal” for you. And as said in my first posts everyone’s idea of a “deal” is different.

If I can help you find your call me 865-696-9002 or email me I would love to help you