When Is the Best Time to Sell Your West Knoxville Home?

timePerhaps, have been thinking about selling your West Knoxville home for awhile. Perhaps, certain life circumstances are requiring you to consider selling. Still, one of the most commons questions from seller is: When is the best time to sell your West Knoxville home?

The best answer to this question is answered with a question: When is the best time for you to sell your West Knoxville home? With this response, most sellers react with a very confused looked or perhaps a snarky remark. How can such a serious question be answered with a question?

Let me explain.

Regardless, the time of year. Regardless, of what homes are for sale in West Knoxville. Regardless, of what the real estate market is like. There are always buyers who are looking to buy, especially in this market with so many great deals.

Can you remember when you bought your West Knoxville home?

You knew it was time to buy that West Knoxville home. It might have been you had gotten a new job in the area, your family had grown large enough to require a new home, or that you were simple sick of renting. Whatever the case was, you were ready to buy and you were about to find a home and neighborhood that met your criteria.

The same is true today, there are other people out there who are ready to buy right now.

Still, going into the winter months when the Knoxville real estate market is slower, is it still a good time to sell your home?

It all depends. Some sellers will take their homes of the market and put them back on the market in the spring, for fear that the winter months will be too slow for their home to sell. But there are still buyers out there, who need to buy out of pure necessity or because they are truly motivated. Keeping your home on the market, could be to your benefit, there could be less competition.

So, what’s the bottom line? The best time to sell is when you are ready to sell. I would be more than happy to help give you and honest and true assessment of your home in the current real estate market, or answer any questions you may have about selling. In the current market, people are buying homes, but in order to sell your home, you need to be flexible and patient. Feel free to give me a call or shoot me and email. I’d love to help in anyway that I can.