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Part Three: Renting Vs. Buying in Knoxville

In Part I of the blog post series, “Renting Vs. Buying in Knoxville,” we compared the price of buying a home in Knoxville versus that of renting an apartment. And,  in Part II, we looked at the benefits of renting. In this blog post, we will look at the many great […]

7 Reasons To Buy A Knoxville Home Now!!

1. You can get a bargain on a home You can get a house at a bargain price now — especially if you play hardball. This is a buyer’s market. Most of the other buyers have vanished since the tax credits on purchases expired. We’re four to five years into […]

SpatialMatch Is Available On The Big Orange Press

I have always want to provide the visitors to my site and enjoyable experience so they keep coming back on a regular basis. I have just added a new  feature for you call Spatial Match. Spatial Match gives you much more than just your typical home search. Lifestyle Search I […]

Fannie Mae Rolls Out New Lending Rules December 13, 2010

Starting Monday, December 13, 2010, Fannie Mae is changing its mortgage lending guidelines.