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Knoxville Home Buyers – Making The Transition From Renting To Buying

Buying a Knoxville home is an exciting experience, but can be at times a bit overwhelming, particularly if you’re a first time home buyer. For many first time home buyers, the transition from renting to buying isn’t always easy, and the change is often underestimated. Here are a few tips […]

5 Rookie Mistakes Knoxville First Time Home Buyers Make

For first time home buyers, the process of buying a first Knoxville home can be exciting, and at times a little overwhelming. Unfortunately, many Knoxville first time home buyers fall victim to rookie mistakes that they regret later on. So, here are 5 rookie mistakes Knoxville first time home buyers […]

Knoxville Mortgages 101 – What Is Private Mortgage Insurance?

One common type of loan many  buyers use to purchase a Knoxville home for sale is a conventional loan, which requires the borrower to put anywhere from 5% to 20% down. Any Knoxville buyer than puts less than 20% down on a Knoxville home will be required to carry private […]

Knoxville Homes For Sale – How To Beat The Competition In A Bidding War

In recent months, the competition has been heating up on the Knoxville real estate market. For those buyers searching for a Knoxville home for sale this summer, this means there is more competition than there has been in recent years. With Knoxville home prices rising and mortgage rates rumored to […]

5 Pieces Of Real Estate Advice You Shouldn’t Take

When it comes to buying or selling a Knoxville home, there is a great deal of advice out there. Everywhere from friends to family members to the guy serving you your morning coffee seems to have real estate advice for you. While some advice can be good, other nuggets of […]

How To Make A Small Room In Your Knoxville Home Appear Larger

Everyone Knoxville homeowner has one room in their home that is small and difficult to decorate. Whether you’re in process of getting your Knoxville home ready to sell or just in the midst of redecorating, here is how to make a small room appear larger in your Knoxville home. Choose […]

Moving To Knoxville This Year? 5 Things You Should Know About Knoxville

Living in Knoxville is great. There are no shortage of things to do. It has a solid job market. And, there are no shortage of homes for sale, ranging from cabins in the mountains to waterfront homes to traditional, suburban homes. If you’re thinking about moving to Knoxville area, here […]

How To Know If You’re Ready To Buy A Knoxville Home For Sale

Mortgage rates are still low and Knoxville home prices are rising. For many buyers, these signs mean it might be time to buy a Knoxville home. If you’re thinking that this year may be the time to buy a Knoxville home for sale, here are a few signs that you […]

5 Things Every Knoxville First Time Buyer Should Know

Buying your first Knoxville home is a very exciting thing. Before jumping straight into looking at Knoxville homes for sale, here are 5 things every Knoxville first time home buyer should know. #1 – Buying A Knoxville Home Is A Commitment Buying a Knoxville home for sale is a huge […]