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West Knoxville Homes For Sale – Is Your Home Ready To Sell This Spring?

Spring is well under way in West Knoxville with flowers blooming, warm weather, and more and more homes for sale popping up on every street corner. Spring is the time year where many people get their West Knoxville homes ready to sell. So, how do you make sure your West […]

West Knoxville Sellers – Should You Stay Or Should You Go?

With the spring season upon us, this is the time of year where many West Knoxville sellers decide to put their home on the market. The decision to sell your West Knoxville home isn’t always an easy one. It involves a lot of personal, financial, and emotional decisions. If you’re […]

Is It Time To Sell Your West Knoxville Home?

To sell or not sell your West Knoxville home, that is the question. For many West Knoxville homeowners, it can sometimes take some time before they finally decide to put their home on the market. Many sellers wonder if the market is right, if their ready for a change, and […]

Buying Or Selling A West Knoxville Home? Don’t Make These Critical Closing Mistakes

When you’re buying or selling a West Knoxville home, the task is not complete until you make it to closing. Whether you’re buying or selling a West Knoxville home this year, be sure to avoid these critical closing mistakes. Closing Funds One critical closing mistake that can happen when you’re […]

West Knoxville Deal Killers – Why Do Some Deals Fall Apart?

When you find the perfect West Knoxville home for sale or finally sell your home, it can feel like you’ve finally reached the finish line. Unfortunately, for some West Knoxville real estate transactions, there are a few reasons that West Knoxville real estate transactions fall apart after an offer has […]

West Knoxville Sellers – The Importance Of A Comparative Market Analysis

Selling your West Knoxville home isn’t always easy. Perhaps, you’ve grown out of your home, are looking to downsize, or are moving out of the area for job related reasons. Whatever the reason, when you finally meet with a West Knoxville Realtor, one of the first (and most important) decisions […]

West Knoxville Homes For Sale – 3 Selling Points Sellers Fail To Mention

In a day and age where most buyers start their West Knoxville home search online, there are certain aspects of a home that always get mentioned, like a great kitchen, private backyard, or “like new” condition. Oftentimes, there are certain selling points that sellers fail to mention because they  may […]

Should You Sell Your West Knoxville Home Now?

Should you sell your West Knoxville or Farragut home now? Or, should you wait until the spring or summer to sell your home? The truth is, that selling your West Knoxville or Farragut home isn’t about what the West Knoxville or Farragut market is doing or the time of year, it’s […]

3 Mistakes West Knoxville Sellers Make And How To Avoid Them

Selling your West Knoxville home can be a trying experience. With the stress of selling your home and planning for a move, it can be difficult to not get emotional about the whole process. Still, it is important to keep your emotions in check when selling your West Knoxville home, […]